14-Dec-2018Providence, RI+19 milesItems Wanted
If you have any old game system that plugs into a tv or a handheld one you no longer use I'd be glad to take it. If it has any games to go with it that would also be great. Would give us something to use during the cold weather.
14-Dec-2018North Dartmouth, MA+13 milesItems Wanted
Dear community, I have a passion for restoring old tools. If you have any old/antique tools that has seen better days that you are willing to let go, I would very much be willing to pick it up and start restoring. Sincerely, Sondre
13-Dec-2018Providence, RI+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking to rehome your used, and unbroken sleds? I would love to get another winter out of them! Please feel free to email me :)
12-Dec-2018Attleboro, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for Christmas lights for indoor and outdoor to decorate a home for a family in need. Any size and color will help! Thank you :)
12-Dec-2018Cranston, RI+20 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for Christmas lights for indoor and outdoor to decorate a home for a family in need. Any size, color will help! Thank you :)
11-Dec-2018Providence, RI+19 milesItems Wanted
Hi, Does anyone have a few blank check registers and a checkbook cover like the ones you get in the box when you order checks? I am working with some students on money management skills! Thanks!
11-Dec-2018Providence, RI+19 milesItems Wanted
In need of these movies. Aladdin, Tarzan, Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, and The little mermaid on dvd. Don't have the funds to finish my collection but if you happen to have any of these movies and don't mind giving them away I'd appreciate it.
11-Dec-2018North Dartmouth, MA+13 milesItems Wanted
Hello! I a'm looking for anything Pokemon related Cards, toys, books, Games. Thank you in advance
11-Dec-2018Attleboro, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
Would love to adopt a violin! If someone has one lying around collecting dust he would love to make it sing! My son has long been wanting to learn. He is extremely musically inclined but our budget doesn t extend to purchasing one at the moment. This would make an incredible holiday gift for him!
11-Dec-2018Attleboro, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
Bachelor brother needs a twin or full size bed. If you have one you are not using, it would be really appreciated.
10-Dec-2018Attleboro, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a couple different aquarium tanks in varying sizes up to 20 gallons. If anyone has one sitting in a garage collecting dust, I will gladly take it off your hands! Thanks!
10-Dec-2018Attleboro, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
Family of 4 in need of electric stove. Ours just went right before Christmas :( Thanks!
10-Dec-2018Attleboro, MA+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for ice skates for 4 kids... They have never ice skated so not sure how skates run, but their shoe sizes are size 11 (age 6), size 7 1/2 (age 16) size 7 (age 11), and another size 7 (age 14) Hoping to get some before Saturday for a trip we are planning... Thanks
My best friend's woodstove is falling apart so I figured I'd find out if anybody here is getting rid of one that's in good condition. Will pick up.
9-Dec-2018Providence, RI+19 milesItems Wanted
I m working with a family that is looking for a wraparound baby gates or heater covers to block off radiators.